School of Environmental Studies

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Course Descriptions


Introduces and discusses the backgrounds and basic frameworks of sustainable development and reports the efforts for their realization in a thesis form

Environmental Science

Presents environmental interrelatedness, environmental ethics, interrelated scientific principles, interaction between environment and organism, biosystem and population types, population laws, population problems, energy, human influences on biosystem, pollution and policy, control of harmful substances, etc

Environmental Economics

Introduces the basic recognition frameworks for environment and economy and analyzes issues, applying the basic recognition frameworks to practical problems

Environmental Restoration System 1

Presents the basic theories and knowledge to restore polluted soil and ground water, the procedures for right restoration, the monitoring after restoration, the post-management, etc.

Ground Water Environment and Pollution

Presents the theories and realties of ground water, such as the natural purification and toxicity assessment of polluted ground water and soil

Environmental Assessment 1

Presents introduction and overview of environmental impact assessment, preparation for laws, policies and institutions, public participation, screening, scoping, analysis, reduction and management, report, EIA’s quality screening, decision-making, practice and post-management, social impact assessment, strategic environment assessment, quick impact assessment

Environmental Management 2

Analyzes the influences of global environmental problems on corporate management and presents the strategic approaches and practical methods for coping with such problems

Advanced Environmental Engineering 2

Evaluates the major contents and results of national comprehensive waste management plans and presents the conditions, prospects, policy keynotes, detailed methods and financing plans for future waste management

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Presents how to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of the environmental assessment system as a preventive policy means to attain the harmony between development and preservation and the sustainable development

Environmental Science and Technology

Presents the technical trends etc necessary for the technologies and policies for analysis, diagnosis, evaluation and prediction in environmental science and technology

Special Study Seminar on Theses 1

Presents the cautions and procedures con thesis

Impact Assessment Techniques

Presents the importance of environmental problems, the basic knowledge of environmental science, the methods to evaluate the influences of environment and take measures

Environmental Restoration System 2

Compares and reviews the procedures, technologies etc of restoration using the current domestic restoration cases and presents problems

Applied Chemical Hydrogeology

Presents the theories on the oxidation-reduction, adsorption and desorption and precipitation of pollutants by intra-soil metal (hydr)oxides and thus the geochemical analysis techniques on the behaviors of heavy metals and organic substances

Health Impact Assessment

Presents environmental impact assessment and health impact assessment systematically

Special Study Seminar on Theses 2

Discusses the general matters and then enhances thesis levels through individual presentations and discussions on the basis of master thesis plans

Advanced Biological Restoration Technology

Presents the principles of biological restoration process and the technologies of restoration and the design of restoration systems to process toxic pollutants efficiently

Environmental Economy

Presents the economic viewpoints and recognition systems on environment and resources and analyzes the behaviors by economic subjects, revolving around environmental industry and corporate social responsibilities

Environmental Policy

Presents the means and institutions of environmental policy, the relations between environmental preservation and economic development, etc.

Environmental Restoration Seminar

Reviews the basic principles, application scopes and strong and weak points of environmental restoration technologies

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