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Course Descriptions

Major Subjects

Major Subjects Course
Subject Contents
Tourism Industry Contents
Holograhpic Contents
Games Deals with the software and data relating to the communication and network that can transmit the required data to anyone at any time and place. Major subjects include electromagnetics and theories on electromagnetic fields and communication and applied subjects include microwave engineering, electric wave engineering and antenna and radar engineering. Optimum for fusion with IT infrastructure. Promotes game culture, develops the advanced IT, BT, NT and ST abilities combined with entertainment and fosters professional manpower.
Media Image Contents Aims to foster the professional manpower that will lead various media. Educates the production of contents necessary for digital image media and the study and analysis, evaluation and management of relevant technical areas and performs the industrial-academic joint development of the next-generation cutting-edge media image contents for the ubiquitous environment like IPTV and DMB Wibro.
Sports Media Contents
E-Learning Contents Our Graduate School fosters the most excellent experts of e-learning contents based on games by opening Major in E-Learning Contents together with Major in Educational Games for the first time in South Korea.

Major Specific Subjects

Major Specific Subjects Course
Subject Contents
Tourism Industry Contents Advanced Study of International Management Consulting, Advanced Study of Int'l Marketing, Advanced Study of Research Overseas Market, Internet Marketing, Theory of Foreign Consumer Behavior, Service Management, International Management Business, Case Study on International Management * Introduction to Coffee Industry, Introduction to Coffee Management Strategy, Introduction to Coffee Plant Culture Cultivation, Introduction to Coffee Processing, Study on Coffee Roasting, Introduction to Coffee Extraction Processing, Introduction to Coffee Product Distribution,Introduction to Coffee Tasting, Beverage Quality Evaluation, Study on Coffee Industry Culture * Foodservice Management, Foodservice Marketing, Restaurant Planning and Design, Hospitality Management Information System, Franchise Management, Service Management, International Management Business, Research Methodology for Foodservice * Medical Beauty Psychology, Introduction of Medical Beauty, Medical Beauty Marketing, Study of Customer Psychology, History of Easter&Western Beauty Therapy, Seminar in Medical Beauty Care, Study of Therapy, Beauty Administration &customer Relationship Management * Tourism Leisure and Industrial Research, Events festivals Research, Tourist Leisure Aviation Area Studies, Tourism Statistics Analysis, International Tourism Studies, Tourist traffic Studies, Airline Studies, Resort Development Administration Studies, Leisure Events Studies * Medical Tourism Research, Medical Tourism Practical Research, Medical Tourism Marketing Studies, Medical Tourism Policy Studies, International Culture Tourism Studies, Medical Tourism Information Studies, Medical Tourism Advice Studies, Medical Tourism Product Studies, Medical Tourism Application Studies * Seminar on Tourism Business, Study on Hospitality Industry, Study on Hospitality Gastronomy, Seminar on Hotel Marketing, Study on the Casino Management, Seminar on Casino Industry, Seminar on the Convention Business, Cultural Tourism Contents, Study on Research Methodology
Holograhpic Contents
Games Game Studies, Game Development Methods, Game Graphics, Game Arts, Game Analysis,   Game Production, Game Storytelling, Mobile Game Study, Game Culture & industry,  Edutainment, Seminar on Serious Games, Game Design, Game Technology, Funology on Game, Game Marketing & Business, Seminar on Humanities Contents, Game Psychology,   Game Sound, Study on Research Methodology
Media Image Contents Digital Media, Motion Graphics, Advertising Imaging, Computer Graphics, Advanced Motion Graphics, 3D Imaging, 3D Contents, Animation Production, Advanced Visual Culture, Interactive Imaging, Media Skin, Motion Typography, Digital Animation, Media Fusion Imaging, Graphic Image Production and Hologram
Sports Media Contents
E-Learning Contents Major Projects, Understanding of E-Learning and Industry, E-Learning Contents Planning, Studies in Web-Design, Digital Storytelling, Creative Idea Generation, Theories in E-Learning Teaching and Learning, E-Learning Contents Production, Web Programming 1&2, Studies in Web Animation, Studies in Cyber Psychology, 2D Graphics Seminar, Pedagogy Seminar, Design in E-Learning teaching and Learning, Understanding of Interactive Media, Digital Sound, Studies in E-Learning Teaching and learning Models, Studies in Visual Design, Studies in E-Learning Learning Evaluation, Cultural Contents Business, Game-based Learning Seminar and 3D Graphics
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