Welcome Message

Let Kwangwoon’s butterfly effect bring miracles and great changes to the world.

In 1934 during the gloomy and impoverished period of Japanese colonization, Dr. Kwangwoon Cho established Chosun radio School with the insight of a pioneer that “Our future depends on the education of practical knowledge and the future academy and industry will be led by electronics engineering and industry” and Kwangwoon University has been developed up till today under his founding spirit of diligence, thrift, and exploration in foundation of the school and the education philosophy of Veritas (Truth) and et Lux (Light).

Kwangwoon University is a higher education and research organization in the globalization era of infinite competition and puts the best efforts in fostering students who raise self-esteem and a vision for themselves, who foster challenging and creative personalities, and who are intelligent and warmly sensitive to realize the practical knowledge.

The dream that begins with passion in Kwangwoon will continuously improved and expanded in the environment of education, research, scholarship, and welfare to experience the butterfly effect that creates successful stories and changes the world.

We hope for your warm support for Kwangwoon’s brave steps towards the future.

Jang H. Chun, Ph.D.

President of Kwangwoon University