Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering conducts research in electronics and telecommunications technologies and is aimed at producing skills professionals in the information and telecommunications field. The Department offers theoretical and practical courses designed to develop logical understanding of basic electronics and telecommunications concepts through the use of advanced IT equipment. Through computer-simulated learning, the students develop understanding and skills for designing various circuits and also, get to discover and expand their creativity through projects. Providing such education, the Department aims to produce specialized individuals who can apply their knowledge in solving various technical and engineering problems in the electronic and telecommunications field.

Location : Rm.703, Bima Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5440

Fax : 82-2-909-5441

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Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering
Name Position Email
Hyeong-hwa Ko Professor
Kwang-sue Chung Professor
Yeong-cheoul Jung Professor
Sang-won Min Professor
Yong-jin Jeong Professor
Hwa-sung Kim Professor
Chan-hyeong Park Professor
Hyeok-jun Oh Professor
Su-won Park Professor
In-young Chung Professor