Division of Law (General Law, International Law, Science and Technology Law)

The General Law Major in Law Department conducts systematic and in-depth research in theories and cases of basic laws and offers a curriculum that prepares the students for various national exams and law school admission tests.

Location : Rm.220, Hanul Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5340

Fax : 82-2-915-5340

Website : http://law.kw.ac.kr/


Department of Law
Name Position Email
Sun-bong Yoo Professor sbyu@kw.ac.kr
Man-joong Shin Professor superlaw@kw.ac.kr
Tae-bok Kwon Professor kwon99@kw.ac.kr
Min-dong Kim Associate Professor eksgk2@kw.ac.kr
Choon-won Yi Associate Professor lcw@kw.ac.kr
Jin-gon Kim Associate Professor gonkims@kw.ac.kr
Young-chul Jung Associate Professor poirot21@kw.ac.kr
Jae-kyung Han Assistant Professor hjk1014@kw.ac.kr
Eui-kyung Seo Assistant Professor seo0903@kw.ac.kr