Department of Asset Management (evening program)

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Course Descriptions

The Basic Study of Asset Management

In the fragmented asset management approach, which relies on the retirement pension system, it has become necessary to identify the basic principles of effective asset management practices as the outward reach of asset management, which creates profits by investing in various financial instruments and real estate and other assets. Through this course, we will learn the general theory of asset management and related legal system.

The Law of Enterprise

Based on the constitutional freedom of companies, we will focus on the legal relations of four companies, especially corporations, as stipulated by the Commercial Law. This lecture aims to clarify the current status of the corporation by the methods which rely on sociology of law as well as interpretation law.

The Study of Asset Crime

The purpose of this class is to understand the contents and implementation of national penalties and to comprehensively understand the procedures of criminal proceedings. In particular, it focuses on property crimes among criminal offenses and grasps the theory and actual situation of asset crime.

The Public Law of Real Estate

The objective of this course is to learn about the rules and procedures that individuals, builders, real estate agents, and others involved in real estate development, sales and management must follow in the process.

The Law of Urban Development

Among the various legal issues surrounding the city, students study legal issues related to urban planning and urban development, theory, practice and judgment.

The Legislation of Finance

The Financial Law deals with the basic legal issues of financial transactions and its relationship with related laws. We explore the legal review of new forms of financial transactions and international financial transactions and the organization and operation of financial institutions, including banks, insurances, investment agents etc.

The Study of Financial Management

Financial management refers to counterfeit or management accounting mainly for profit management, budget management, cost management, and management analysis. In recent years, investment theory has also been emphasized. Therefore, we will study financial management methods from the viewpoint of financial planning, financial organization, and financial control.

The Study of Asset Fluctuations

This course examines the theory and practice of asset fluctuations in real estate and movable assets. Therefore, it improves understanding about asset management and cultivates legal knowledge about asset fluctuation.