Department of Sports & Leisure Studies

The Department of Sports and Leisure Studies was originally established as Department of Sports Instructor in 2000 but the name was changed to its current name in 2006. The Department of Sports and Leisure Studies is aimed at producing instructors who can develop and popularize the culture of ‘Sports for All’ as well as elite sports, create suitable environment for sports and effectively increase people’s desire to improve their health and participate in sports. The Department offers an outstanding sports and leisure activity instructors program designed to produce top-notch instructors who are equipped with sport and leisure theories as well as practical skills.

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Course Descriptions

Health and Well-being

This course focuses on various topics regarding general health and well-being, both physical and mental.

Practical Exercise and Assessment

This course provides opportunities to learn various strategies and tactics of sports as well as how to find strengths or weaknesses of each player.


This course deals with A to Z of golf including its origin, basic techniques, rules and etiquette.

First Aid

This course focuses on providing basic first-aid skills and knowledge of various accidents that can happen during outdoor activities.


This is a course aimed to produce a qualified squash trainer or coach.


This course is focused on overall knowledge of recreation including production of programs and education.


This course provides knowledge of basic facts and techniques of badminton from game operation to coaching and umpireship.


This course is focused on bowling, from its history to how to play.

Ice Game

This course is designed to learn all kinds of ice sports such as skating, ice hockey, curling, so they can be enjoyed as lifelong sports.

Vital Dynamics

This course is designed to study basic scientific data and knowledge required for both athletes, trainers and coaches.

Teaching Sports in Life

This course is focused on general knowledge of sports required for those who want to become a sports instructor, Topics include various theories and methods of research, teaching and planning.

Water Skiing

This course is aimed to provide advanced knowledge and skills of water skiing for those who want to become an instructor.


This course covers the history of skiing, and moves on to explore high-skills and various teaching methods, aiming to produce ski instructors for winter's most popular sport.

Sports Massage

This course is aimed at providing knowledge about sports massage and injuries that can occur during sports activities, as well as how to deal with them.

Sports Sociology

This course is focused on the theories and methods of research concerning sports as a main social activity of human beings.

Sports Psychology

This course will cover basic theories of sports psychology, looking into psychological aspects of problems' traits that are often faced in the sports field.

Sports Medicine

This course deals with various topics on sports medicine.

Sports Physiology

As you exercise, your body changes physiologically. Through this course, we will investigate physiological phenomena and changes which are based on human anatomy and physiology, grasp metabolism, study physiological adaptation process, body function's physiological phenomena and exercise analysis.

Medical Prescription for Sports

This course is focused on general knowledge of sports medicine including its purpose, methods, statistics, report, etc.

Human Anatomy

You will study the skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, circular system, nervous system, sensory system and so on in detail so that you will understand functions of the human body and grasp its subtle structures. This course will provide useful knowledge for prospective sports leaders.

History of Physical Education

This course is designed to study the basics of Physical Education, and further on develop an insight of future Physical Education. Through the examination of Physical Education pictures of all ages, from prehistoric to modern age, we will explore methods of developing Korean sports. In addition, this course will also cover current issues related to global sports and help build leadership at an international level.

Assessment of PE

This course covers theories and practice for overall sport activities, with a focus on standardized P.E. related tests.


This course covers history of soccer, various skills, new strategy and tactics. In addition, students will be encouraged to prepare for a referee's license exam, and become a sports leader.

Camping and Outdoor Activities

This course deals with theories and practice of outdoor team activities such as camping.


This course is focused on various coaching methods, theories and practice of sports required to become a good sports leader.

Table tennis

This course covers the origin, conception, game rules, methods and refereeing rules of table tennis, as well as various offensive and defensive skills.

Training Methods

Through this course, students will learn scientific training methods to maximize effects of exercise and improve athletic ability. In addition, we will examine proper exercise prescriptions according to various criteria such as sex, age, physical ability or physical condition.

Training Practice

This course aims to provide field experience required to become a sports leader or trainer.

Ocean training

Through ocean training, students will acquire water sports skills such as water skiing, scuba diving and wind surfing. Also teaching methods and safety education will be studied, in order to promote easier accommodation to group life.

Field Work

This course aims to provide opportunities for field work and to improve administrative ability concerning sporting life of local communities.