Department of English Language and Literature

We live in a world where English is a global language and the Department of English Language and Literature is aimed at producing English experts who are equipped with advanced English skills and understanding of English-speaking societies and culture. The Department develops practical communications skills by strengthening students’ speaking, listening and writing skills and providing opportunities for internships, overseas language programs and student exchange programs. The curriculum which includes courses and research in English literature, English-speaking societies and culture, is designed to broaden students’ global perspective.

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Course Descriptions

English Grammar 1

This course studies the theory and methodology of English Grammar, with a focus on examining the forms and meanings of sentence structures of modern English.

Introduction to English Literature

This course will conduct a chronological overview of the representative British and American writers and their works, with a focus on main historical events. We will examine how each piece of literature reflects it's time, and explore the world of English Literature as a mirror looking into the past societies of Britain and America.

English Phonetics

This course studies the basics of English Phonetics and trains students to acquire natural english pronunciation. In addition, frequently mistaken expressions will be practiced thoroughly, by theoretical analysis and practical training.

Writing Basics

This course covers the basics of essay writing, by focusing on the basic understanding and practices of paragraph composition. This course provides many writing exercises related to descriptive, progressive, definitive and comparative writing, based on understanding the basic concept and structure of paragraphs.

English communication 1

This course aims to develop everyday conversation skills, by learning common expressions and patterns, and discussing various topics in general.

Introduction to English Linguistics

This course covers the basic concepts of linguistics and linguistics research methodology, as well as the characteristics, outline and history of the English Language.

English Grammar ll

This course is designed to study the usage of english sentences, with a focus on their meanings within the context.

English and Film

This course compares english literature and film, differences in their effects and examines new techniques (such as character description, story telling etc) which are arising due to changes in the form of media, from letter to image. In addition, we will also study how classics are modernized, globalized and popularized in the process of making an english literature piece into a movie, as well as its validity and significance. We will also train our reading comprehension skills through reading literature pieces in the original form, and our listening skills through watching english films.

Introduction to British and American Culture

This course aims to develop a balanced perspective of British and American Culture, by covering cultural knowledge and characteristics within British and American society.

English Vocabulary Practice

This course aims to enhance vocabulary levels, by studying a wide range of vocabulary from practically used words to academic terms. We will study high level vocabulary by studying practical terms related to food, places, music and fashion etc and the everyday lives of Koreans, as well as extracting various expressions from english newspapers and magazines. In addition, we will also learn the academic terms required for English majors, in order to easily follow mandatory subjects at junior and senior level.

Current English

This course will cover all types of newspaper and broadcasting manuscripts, including audio and video materials dealing with current affairs, in order to analyze such narration and also train listening skills.

English Syntax

This course will cover the basics of English Syntax, by conducting comparative study between the traditional syntax theory and Chomsky's Transformational-Generative Grammar Theory.

Narratives in British and American Literature

This course will explore texts within various literature such as poems, novels and literary criticisms and conduct study on the rhetorical and narrative techniques of various genre.

English Speech and Presentation 1

This course focuses on developing presentation and discussion skills, by repetitively practicing basic presentation and discussion methods through practical exercises. Basic knowledge on various types of english speech will also be covered, in order to make proper use of words and sentences in appropriate contexts. This class will be conducted in small groups and lectured in english.

English-Korean Translation

This course aims to enhance comprehension skills of original english texts, by understanding the logical flow of the english language based on the study of practical translation methods. Students will be provided with the opportunity to learn the basic translation techniques required for global companies and government operations, and grow as a professional translator. In addition, this course aims for students to pass at the least, level 3 of the 'English-Korean Translation Competence Test'.

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching

This course deals with principles of teaching methods and educating skills, as a comprehensive study in relation to linguistics, phonetics, psychology and the making of teaching plans. The final aim is to successfully apply the related theories in the fields of education.

Contrastive Analysis of English and Korean

This course systematically conducts a contrastive analysis of English and Korean, in order to minimize the mistakes that can be encountered by a foreigner who is studying Korean, and also by a Korean who is learning English.

American and World Englishes

This course conducts a linguistic and socio-historical review of the origin of American English, the differences between British and American English, the lexical features and grammatical characteristics.

Drama and Practical English

This course aims to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using english drama scripts and video images of plays, TV dramas, films as practical english study material. Students will also be required to practice translation of dramas.

English Communication 2

This course studies english expressions and patterns related to everyday life, and aims to cultivate the ability to talk about and describe related subjects.

Language and Society

This course will cover micro and macro sociolinguistics. Micro sociolinguistics will examine how the social structure influences the attitude of a speaker, and macro sociolinguistics will study how a language acts as a social element.

History of English

This course will conduct a diachronic overview of the development process of English. After analyzing this process in detail, we will investigate the features and formation of modern English through the analysis.

Reading Masterpieces in English

This course will conduct careful readings and discussions on the most selected and influential masterpieces in English.

English Document Writing and Editing(english lecture)

This course will study how to write technical English documents such as resumes, self introductions, study plans, e-mails, advertisements, announcements, presentations, invitations at the basic level, and reports, memorandums, manuals, articles, legal documents at a higher level. We will also learn about how documents are edited and written in English-using cultures. Students will get a chance to become familiar with international documents through the use of the global programs, MS-Word and MS-Excel.

Cultural Contents in British and American Society and Storytelling

This course will study the various sociocultural phenomenon appearing in many different types of story telling. Students will conduct analysis on the sentence texts and visual texts of the past and present while studying the principles and methods of story telling. In addition, story telling abilities will be enhanced by constantly using English in the many situations mentioned in this course.

Semantics and Pragmatics of English

This course will cover semantic and pragmatic approaches to various English expressions and examine how they are differently interpreted. The final aim of this course is to understand how a sentence is interpreted according to the applied pragmatic principle.

Essay Writing

This course focuses on how to write a persuasive essay. We will cover how to select the theme and point of argument, how to come up with evidence, and how to describe one's point with persuasive power.

Advanced English Practice

This course is designed to practice high level essay writing, based on English discussions about various modern societal issues, politics, ecomonics, culture and art.

English Speech and Presentation 2

This course aims to produce excellent English proficiency through hard training of professional English speech, presentation and discussion methods. Such training will also enable students to prepare for employment through practicing self introductions and interviews in English. This lecture will be conducted in English, and operated as a small group course based on active participation.

Korean-English Translation

This course will provide basic training on eng-kor, kor-eng translation, and study the principles of translation, as well as practice English text writing by conducting an overall study of English structure, grammar and vocabulary. We will practice translation using various Korean material such as children's storybooks, advertisements and titles, and aim to acquire licenses certifying the competent level of translation required in global companies and government operations.