Department of Industrial Psychology

The Department of Industrial Psychology produces HR professionals who manage staff and personnel training in companies, organizational development (OD) professionals who manage organizational performance and culture, survey professionals who survey job satisfaction and employee attitudes, cognitive engineering specialists who evaluate the design and usability of various products (smartphones, 3D TVs), HCI specialists who study the interfaces between people (users) and computers (machine), marketing professionals who study psychological factors that influence consumer buying behavior and psychological experts who study and counsel psychological problems that the members of companies and schools deal with.

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Course Descriptions

Psychology Methodology

Psychology Statistics, Computer Statistical Analysis, Survey Methodology, Psychological Testing

Industrial Psychology

Industrial Psychology, Function Analysis, Industrial Education, Job Performance Evaluation

Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology, Organizational Motivation Theory, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Psychology Seminar

Cognitive Engineering

Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Perception Psychology, Cognitive Engineering Psychology

Advertisement/ Consumer Psychology

Social Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Advertisement Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Juvenile Development, Counseling Theory and Practice, Career Counseling, Abnormal Mentality, Mass Psychology, Behavior Modification.